New Play Area in Lochore

New Play Area in Lochore

This part of Lochore has been left overgrown and neglected for years. It could be transformed into a fantastic green space with playparks for the areas young people.


The area really needs something for kids down rosewell. All there family homes were built and the grass area is an eye sore. So many kids live there and would love a park

Navitie prk green space

New homes were created in Rosewell Drive bringing much needed improvement but this eyesore site should have been given attention at the same time. It could be a fantastic green space with benches and play equipment for the areas children and families to enjoy.

Rosewell Drive green space

I myself live across from this area.i think a play area is something the kids would benefit from.i have 4 kids of mixed age range.

i live in rosewell and the area across the road is an eye sore it has so much potential for different sections, younger kids area, older kids area, parent/adult garden, even maybe a small dog park the area is huge no more houses though

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