Oor Bit - Cowdenbeath Area

Oor Bit - Cowdenbeath Area

Tell us how we could improve the Places and Spaces in the Cowdenbeath Area - from Kingseat and Crossgates through to Cardenden and Benarty. How would you spend a share of £250k to make 'Oor Bit' of Fife even more attractive to live in, work in and visit?


Cowdenbeath - walkway from Central Park to Chapel St

Traffic Issues

Cowdenbeath - Parking on Pavements in the High Street

Cowdenbeath - Signage

Cowdenbeath - Gateways

Litter Pick - Kelty

Main Street

Playpark next to Cardenden Primary

Moray Institute

Kelty Play Park

Park - Kelty

Toddlers play area Cowdenbeath Public Park

Cowdenbeath - Repairs to pavements in the High Street

Cowdenbeath - Bollards/Seating in the High Street -


Playpark at Balgreggie Road Cardenden

Cowdenbeath - Railway Bridge

Stone wall in Crossgates between North and Windmill Knowes

youth club in lochgelly

Public Park, Cowdenbeath

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