Oor Bit - Cowdenbeath Area

Oor Bit - Cowdenbeath Area

Tell us how we could improve the Places and Spaces in the Cowdenbeath Area - from Kingseat and Crossgates through to Cardenden and Benarty. How would you spend a share of £250k to make 'Oor Bit' of Fife even more attractive to live in, work in and visit?


Reinstate benches back into Lochgelly

New Community Park in Ballingry

Play-park equipment for young people with disabilities

More Planters for Benarty

Paths and running markers within the Woodlands Trust area

Community Noticeboards

Derelict Building

West End Park Lochgelly

Cowdenbeath - Walkway from Leisure Centre towards Rowan Terr

Community Garden - Hill of Beath

wi-fi access

Kelty Community Cinema


Hill of Beath Community Area

Cowdenbeath - Bollards/Seating in the High Street -

Balbedie Ave Allotments

Litter Pick - Kelty

Traffic - Kelty

Cycle Path from Crossgates to Inverkeithing

Kelty Play Park


Kelty Community Market

Main Street

Traffic Issues

New Bins -Kelty

Bus Services and bus stops

Quarry Park - Kelty

Hill of Beath - play facilities


Notice Boards


upgrade launcherhead play park

cardenden play area's

New proper park for Crossgates!

Heritage Site Upgrade

Hill of Beath Junior football Park

Accident Waiting to happen


Crossgates wall

More Play Equipment For Lochore Park

Brunton Square

place for families.

Solar Lighting for WW1 memorial Lochleven Road Lochore

hill of beath

Open Source time-based Air Quality Monitors (3 - £10K)

Cowdenbeath - Railway Bridge

Environmental Training Scheme - Kelty

Gelly Loch - improve access create picnic/rest area

Toddlers play area Cowdenbeath Public Park

Grace Street Allotments Lochgelly

Dallas Doyle Play Park

Community Noticeboards (multiple locations)

Art in the underpass from Morrissons to Selkirk Avenue

Local History Information point

a decent park in crossgates

leisure park facilitating all age groups

New Park

Defibrillators for the Lochgelly area (minimum of 4)

New Play Area in Lochore

Trees at West End Park (Lochgelly)

Cowdenbeath - Signage

Improvements & Repairs to Brunton Hall

Cowdenbeath - walkway from Central Park to Chapel St

Park - Kelty

Kelty Community Marquee

scottish botanic garden

Moray Institute

Wallsgreen Park, Cardenden

Public WiFi


Disabled friendly equipment in the Wallsgreen Playpark

Improved signage for the Public Park

Chapel Street

Community Noticeboards

Stone wall in Crossgates between North and Windmill Knowes

Playpark at Balgreggie Road Cardenden

youth club in lochgelly

Public Park, Cowdenbeath

Street Parking


Improve facilities in park area on Bath Street Kelty

Area opposite Tom Courts on way up to Morrisson

Cowdenbeath - Gateways

Cowdenbeath - Repairs to pavements in the High Street

Cowdenbeath Public Park

Cardenden Community Woodland paths.

Cowdenbeath - Parking on Pavements in the High Street

Area at back of Rosebank Allotments

upgrade the park at park road, cowdenbeath

More seating in areas of Cowdenbeath

Provision of Hearing Aid Batteries

Play Area along the Line in Cowdenbeath

Cyclepath/Walkway - Cowdenbeath to Kingseat

Cowdenbeath Public Park

Pavement Improvement

Pedestrian Crossing

Parking Bays for Torbeith Gardens, Hill of Beath

Playpark next to Cardenden Primary

Cycle path linking Cowdenbeath & Kingseat via Cuddyhouse RD

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