Oor Bit - Cowdenbeath Area

Oor Bit - Cowdenbeath Area

Tell us how we could improve the Places and Spaces in the Cowdenbeath Area - from Kingseat and Crossgates through to Cardenden and Benarty. How would you spend a share of £250k to make 'Oor Bit' of Fife even more attractive to live in, work in and visit?


Community Noticeboards (multiple locations)

Community Noticeboards


Community Noticeboards

More Planters for Benarty

West End Park Lochgelly

More seating in areas of Cowdenbeath

hill of beath

Gelly Loch - improve access create picnic/rest area

Hill of Beath - play facilities

Solar Lighting for WW1 memorial Lochleven Road Lochore

Cowdenbeath Public Park

Accident Waiting to happen

Reinstate benches back into Lochgelly

Local History Information point

Cowdenbeath Public Park

upgrade launcherhead play park


Heritage Site Upgrade

Environmental Training Scheme - Kelty

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