leisure park facilitating all age groups

 leisure park facilitating all age groups

Drainage of existing park, new pavillion, parking, football pitches and facilities, running tracks, muga, tennis courts


this is something this village is missing, the village is expanding all the time with new houses but nothing around for kids to go to or get involved in. Plenty other facilities getting built in surrounding areas, something like this can only benefit the village as a whole.

Crossgates is a village greatly increasing in size with no increase in what is presently outdated sports and leisure facilities which are not fit for purpose

Crossgates is constantly expanding in capacity with all the new houses being built but there doesn't seem to be any extra faciltiesfor the kids/teens. This would hugely benefit the whole village.

Would be great for the village as a whole and with the council threatning to take bk control of the humbug park what will happen to the local junior team and all the young boys teams from 5 years old to 19 years old where will they play there football??

This is a great project with the potential to make a big impact and improve the quality of services in crossgates.

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