Heritage Site Upgrade

Heritage Site Upgrade

Kelty Community Council is aiming to refurbish the memorial garden dedicated to the memory of the Lindsay Colliery and the nine miners who were killed in an underground explosion in 1957. Much of the work will be done by volunteers but funding will be needed for skilled labour and materials. The aim is to make the site low maintenance and to provide audio and visual information to preserve the memory of the way that the collieries had such a big influence on the heritage of our village.


The Lindsay Memorial Garden is an important link to the history of coal mining in Kelty and Fife. It provides a peaceful site for reflection but lacks information. It is important that future generations understand the nature of the work and the effect the industry had on the way of life in Kelty.

The Memorial Garden is a reminder to all the village of the importance of mining and the sacrifice made by miners. New information aids can be used by schoolchildren in their heritage learning, relevant information for visitors and keep the spirit of the village alive in the coming years

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