Stone wall in Crossgates between North and Windmill Knowes

Stone wall in Crossgates between North and Windmill Knowes

The wall that borders the North Knowe estate and the B981 in Crossgates, a feature of Xgates for about 100 years is now in a state of disrepair. Currently, kids climb on the wall and if itcollapses they could be seriously hurt. Also, if the wall collapsed at one of the weak areas which is right opposite Windmill Knowe it would be highly likely that kids unsupervised would not use the safe pedestrian crossing and cross the road and have a serious accident. Please help us repair this old wall.


This wall has been standing for approx 100 years and is a feature of the Crossgates village. It is enjoyed by all as the wall was covered with people sitting enjoying the Crossgates Gala parade. This wall should be preserved/ repaired and enjoyed for the next 100 years. This would be good for the community as a whole but it would eleviate any possible accidents should the wall collapse. This would be greatly appreciated if Cowdenbeath Comunity Council value oor wee bit of Crossgates.

Fixing this now rather than later seems like a prudent decision.

I agree it's time this wall was repaired it has become an eye sore and it would great to be able to restore it to a good condition using the original materials. Doing this restoration would be something that would last for a long time. If left in the current condition it is a concern that it could become unsafe. This is used as a walking path by residents throughout Crossgates to walk between the houses and the school/playing fields.

I agree that this wall is in desperate need of repair. It has formed part of the boundary to this area of land at North Knowe when it was part of the farmer's land previously and now it borders the housing development.To see the wall in such a sad state is upsetting, especially since it is situated at the entrance to the village. Therefore, for aesthetic & safety reasons it is in dire need of attention.As part of village history it deserves to be re-instated sympathetically. We hope you agree.

This wall is in such a prominent position at the entrance to the village and on a main road. A footpath runs nearby as does a pedestrian crossing. Therefore many people pass by this spot, either in vehicles or on foot. Surely most residents in Crossgates would agree that the repair of this wall should be a priority. Please support us and breathe new life into the village and give us some pride in our surroundings.

I agree with the points below, especially that it is a danger and is in urgent need of repair. As mentioned a sympathetic repair would enhance one of the main entrances to Crossgates which is a great place to live.

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